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How to improve

The bad news is that after 5 books (plus a novella and a bunch of short stories) and 7 years of trying, I’m still not published. The good news is everything I write is better than the last thing. Back … Continue reading

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94 Polishing your Shmoo with Tex Thompson

  You may not be aware that my best buddy Arianne “Tex” Thompson has published her second book, Medicine for the Dead. We’re using it as an example how authors improve from one work to another. Now bear with me. The shmoo part … Continue reading

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Saga is the f-ing BEST

Okay, so here’s me on a Sunday afternoon, having NOT taken my nap , goddam CRYING because some moon-begotten, pie-filled TROLL took it into her energy-drink-addled head to mail me all three volumes of Saga. Now excuse me while I … Continue reading

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Hanlon’s Empire

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” — Robert J. Hanlon When the Dark Lord was defeated by the elvish armies, the people of The Land thought his evil empire would crumble and leave them in … Continue reading

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Eastercon: Full-on Friendship!

From Friday the 3rd to Monday the 6th of April, I was lucky enough to attend Eastercon Dysprosium with my good friends Tex Thompson, Kim Moravec, and Shay Dee (oh my God, Shay, I literally just realized your name is … Continue reading

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5 things more important than the Broken Hugos.

Less than a week ago, I got to see the 2015 Hugo nominations announcement break over the attendees of Eastercon like a fart in a quiet elevator. Apparently, a group of right-wing genre-fiction fans and authors calling itself the Sad … Continue reading

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The Empire of the Oak

So I’ve been listening to the History of English podcast recently, and it’s gotten me thinking about what I thought back when I was first learning Japanese language and history. Namely, that the British and Japanese islands have a lot … Continue reading

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93 Young Adult Fiction with William Campbell Powell

This week I’m talking with William Campbell Powell, author of EXPIRATION DAY, a Young-Adult Science Fiction Robot Crossover. Bill didn’t know he was writing YA until his editor at Tor told him he had. Coming of Age I’m not sure if YA … Continue reading

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Quantum Europe

Browsing alternate history maps like you do, and I got to wondering. Of course the borders in a given area (say Europe) depend a lot on historical contingency, the arbitrary choices of leaders, and plain old accident, but geography plays a role, too. … Continue reading

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Charming Lies chapter 1

Here’s the first chapter of Charming Lies, the historical fantasy currently in need of beta-readers! Comment below if you’re interested. ~~~ Chapter 1 The ropes pulled tight. Timurhan bin Metin stiffened his muscles and thanked All-Merciful God the smugglers had … Continue reading

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