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He causes the walls of fire to fall down

First and Previous Tepin hid with her children in her brother’s house and watched the enemy come. Her sister-in-law was there too and the woman’s old mother. But Mazatl, himself, had been called upon to fight, which meant he was outside and probably … Continue reading

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60 Manga on Kickstarter with Phuong Pham

  This week I’m talking to Phuong Pham, an editor at Digital Manga, Inc and Project Director for the English translation of Captain Ken. We’re talking about Kickstarter, specifically the campaign her company is doing (and which you should visit and fund right … Continue reading

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Wheel in the Sky 12

First Previous “So this is what you want?” The two traitors spun around to face Martus. Behind them, the perimeter of Nebuchak’s influence curved across the crown of the hill, as straight as the line drawn by a draftsman’s compass. … Continue reading

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Earth, Cornmeal, and Smoke

First and Previous Tlālpantli,  Tamal, Pōctli “Chimalma exploded?” Tepin swayed on her feet. Nothing made sense any more. A crack in the earth had opened and swallowed the normal world. She held out her hands to Pochitl as if for support. “What will we … Continue reading

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59 Pitching with Dan Koboldt

  My buddy Dan Koboldt  has a lot to say about pitching books to literary agents and publishers, especially pitching contests for super-short-form venues like twitter. Right now, it’s #PitchPerfect. How timely! So in this episode we talk about pitching contests. It’s an … Continue reading

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Obsidian, Blood, and Thunder

First and Previous Itztli, Eztli, Tlatlatziniliztli “Boss?” “Yes?” snapped Chimalma. “What is it now, Pochotl?” “The foreigners have stopped.” The scout commander muttered an oath and turned to look up the slope of the little hill. Yes, the damn foreigners had formed a clump … Continue reading

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58 Narrative Technology with Turbofanatic

  Yes it’s the illustrious  Turbofanatic with us once again! The author of Aphelion and Deltavengers  is talking with me about some of the themes of Wheel in the Sky (our collaborative project alongside Michael Silva ). That theme, of course, is Narrative Technology, or how we use technology … Continue reading

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Happy Cyrillic Day!

Happy Cyrillic Alphabet Day, everyone! In honor of “The favorite Bulgarian holidy” May 24, I give you the lyrics to ‘Cyril and Methodius: a hymn for all schools.’ (Кирил и Методий Български всеучилищен химн), a song you might recognize from … Continue reading

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Wheel in the Sky 11

First Previous Candegar stumbled out of the black, enclosed hell of the fortress into the red, open hell of the air. The sky and forest were gone, replaced by a dome of dim, bloody light. Streamers of black mist or smoke … Continue reading

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Gold, Jade, and Quetzal feathers

First and Previous Teōcuitlatl, Chālchihuitl, Quetzalli “You ever seen people like that before, Boss?” Chimalma, 10th scout commander for the town of Cihuatlan, spat out a wad of tobacco and looked back at the foreigners. “Nope,” he said. “Those big canoes they got. And that … Continue reading

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