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Health Update

Here’s a health update:I went in for blood tests and a CAT scan last week and everything looks good! Very low tumor markers in the blood and nothing showed up in the CAT scan except for a pair of very … Continue reading

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The Adamic Language 1: Baby Talk

Imagine if a bunch of babies were raised by robots that don’t talk to them. Children raised without language input generally fail to learn to speak (and develop crippling psychological problems, if they survive at all), but if many babies are … Continue reading

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Roll that rock

Daily goals (word count or time spend writing) are a good way to motivate yourself and get into the habit of writing. What they don’t do, though, is modulate tension. I recently started writing a story with no daily goals … Continue reading

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Buy Tales from Alternate Earths!

Prayer beads clicked between the fingers of Song Muhanmode ben Mahdi, Emperor of China and Imam of All Islam. “Does the letter continue?” he said. The secretary cleared his throat. “The missive ends, your Majesty, with the words, ‘they shall surely kill us all. … Continue reading

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What if China had discovered the Americas

You might remember this fun conversation I had with Melissa Walshe about figuring out a way to get China to discover the Americas before Columbus. Well, I did, and the story’s being published in Tales from Alternate Earths by Inklings … Continue reading

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5-star review: Kill Process

Damn it feels good to get caught up in a book like this. Kill Process engages at just about every level. There’s a gripping premise (employee of a social networking site tracks down and kills abusive spouses), an ominous message … Continue reading

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Anesthesia theater!

Here’s a treat! The notes I wrote for the YA fantasy story I hallucinated while coming down off the anesthesia from my second surgery in June. Tally ho! Superconducting hyphae connect cities built around giant fungal towers. Iron flies toward … Continue reading

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The Interstellar Standard Homininan

My Tumblr buddy Exxos von Steamboldt told me about The Only Sci-Fi Explanation of Hominid Aliens that Makes Scientific Sense. Spoiler alert: it’s panspermia. Ancient aliens seeded many planets with life, which is why we all look the same. I don’t buy it. … Continue reading

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Today is our Independence Day

I came back from the hospital today. Again. There were complications (an ileus and several intestinal obstructions) from the surgery on June 1st and I needed surgery again on the 17th. Today, I was released. Recovery has been steady and accelerating. … Continue reading

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The Hospital

I came home from the hospital today. They admitted me on the 31st with crippling abdominal cramps and in an emergency surgery on the 1st they removed a 7cm growth from my large intestine (along with 15cm of intestine). The … Continue reading

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